lost weekenders

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In September of 1953, Walt Disney and artist Herb Ryman spent a marathon weekend creating a conceptual sketch of Walt's dream theme park, Disneyland. 

This sketch was presented by Roy Disney to potential financial backers for a television show, and the park. 

The two days spent creating the drawing came to be referred to as the "Lost Weekend".

Early Disneyland Map on Display at the Opera House

Early Disneyland Map on Display at the Opera House

We're best friends and we've been going to Disneyland together for years. We've finessed and refined and nearly perfected our Disney methods, but of course, we're still learning new tips every time we go. We're here to share our tips with you, because everyone should have the best time at the Happiest Place on Earth!



Kat is terrified of Mickey's Fun Wheel, loves the challenge of a breakfast buffet, and cries every time she watches Moana. 

She's been called "the Reluctant Snow White" because of her many harrowing and unprompted animal encounters (don't ask about the raccoon indicent. Or the seal bodysurfer. Or the wolverine...) 



Kelsey loves Disneyland, duh, Dolly Parton, grilled cheese sandwiches, scary movies, and dogs. 

If she were to have a life motto, she wouldn't. Because she can't stand inspirational quotes. 



Stephen's favorite part of Disneyland is Fantasmic!

He is always on the lookout for snacks, sugar-free ice cream and a cleverly hidden speaker.