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who we are

Hi and welcome to Lost Weekenders! We're Kat, Kelsey, and Stephen. We're best friends and we love Disneyland. We’ve been a Disneyland team for nearly a decade. We live and work in California’s Bay Area, and whenever we can, we venture down to the most magical place on earth. We want you to join us on our adventures!

Our story

Our favorite place is Disneyland and after years of venturing down, we've gathered endless tips and secrets. We've written guides for our friends, given talks, and even taken friends on their first Disneyland voyages. We decided to create a place where we could share how we do Disney. And we think we do it pretty well. 

What you'll find here

We want to share how we do Disneyland. Think it's all lines and screaming kids? We got you. Here you'll find tips and secrets to do Disneyland like we do; minimal lines, lots of food, and the best tiki drinks. Plus we'll share how we get the best deals, hidden gems of the parks, new merch, fun facts, park history, and so much more.