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Best Disneyland Merch Outside of Disneyland

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By now, y'all know we like to dabble in the world of Disneyland merch.

And Disneyland has some seriously good shopping, but if you can't make it to the park, or you're looking to expand your collection, grab something unique, or just support smaller creators, I have a list of favorite things, and things I'm lusting after. 

1. Foolish Mortal Supply

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.34.56 PM.png

I love every single thing this couple designs. I own almost everything they put out. In fact I have both a sweatshirt, and a t shirt of the Grim Grinning Ghost Tours design. I'm wearing the sweatshirt as I type. And not only are the designs incredible, and people will comment constantly when you're in the parks, but they're SUPER comfy and soft, and their sizing is pretty much perfect. 

2. EarsRPoppin


Not gonna lie, the name isn't necessarily my thing, but their ears are adorable. If you've been coveting the rose gold ears, but haven't been able to get your hands on them, I love these as another, more unique option. You definitely won't be seeing many of the black with rose gold bow style around the park. Plus, they're super well made. I ordered a pair for me and for Kat, both were identical, and they were park caliber quality. Highly recommend. 

3. Pinup Couture

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.38.07 PM.png

Their line of Mary Blair dresses and skirts are seriously calling to me.

4. Marlee Mae Everyday


Once again, I have a love for things you can find in the park with a twist. Spirit Jerseys are pretty popular in the parks right now, I have my fair share, but this isn't a color combo you can find for sale in Disneyland. Plus they'd go 👌 with those ears ammiright. 

5. 999 Spyglass


Why doesn't Disneyland sell anything with just the castle? There's always a castle and words and I never want words. Thanks to this Etsy seller, you can get a simple dad hat in a color of your choice with a plain ole adorable castle.