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We Opened a Shop!

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This is an unbelievably exciting time for us! As you can tell from the title...we opened our very own Disney inspired shop (AHHHHHH!!!).

Opening our own shop is something we’ve wanted to do since before we even started the blog. We all work in different creative industries, but none of us have been in the position where what we made is our idea to begin with. Our careers are usually carrying out someone else’s vision (which is fine! But ya know...sometimes you want to create something from your own brain).

Wanting to embark on our own creative endeavour mixed with our love for Disneyland has made this whole process the perfect (most fun ever) project. And while we have SO MANY ideas and designs for down the line, we’ve decided to open with two designs to make sure we get everything perfect.

We went through a pretty intense sample process! We wanted to make sure the fabric was nice and soft and had a good stretch, as well as make sure the fit was true to size and the color of the ink was exactly what we wanted and it washed and dried well. We went through a lot of QA to get these right! And we really think you’ll love them.

The first design is in honor of our beloved fallen Bug’s Land in Disney California Adventure. Kat designed this amazing, truly fitting, ode to Heimlich’s Chew Chew. The most intense thrill ride in the park. Memorialized by knuckle tats. Naturally. Heimlich is so hardcore.


The second design is because Madame Leota is bae and who doesn’t love a good moon phase? Plus we got a lil ghost host action on the front. Fun fact! I have a Madame Leota tattoo, also designed by Kat, with the same words that are on the sweatshirt: “send us a message from somewhere beyond.” We love Leota and we have no shame.


What I love most about both of these is that neither are super obvious, but when people walking by get it, they GET IT. And love it.

We’re honestly all feeling so excited and mushy at the same time because this has been a huge goal for us! When we started our lil instagram and blog, we had a long list of goals and this was right at the top. It’s a dream come true! And we really hope y’all love them and keep an eye out for what we have down the line. Cuz they might be Christmas themed.

Shop all styles at shop.lostweekenders.com and let us know what you think!