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Here's a roundup of all of our favorite Disney merch that absolutely everyone can enjoy: 

jungle cruise shirt

Vintage Ride Shirts

Everyone can agree: a graphic tee is basically a wardrobe staple, and what better graphic tee than a throwback-style Disneyland tee? We bought these the second we saw them in the park, and have zero regrets - and are willing to bet that anyone receiving one will be just as happy!

mickey mouse pen

Snazzy Mickey Mouse Pen

I can tell you from experience (I used to sell fancy fountain pens at the store I worked at): everyone loves a nice pen. They're always useful, no one's going to buy one for themselves, and you really can't go wrong. So we recommend going even-not-wronger (what?) and picking up a snazzy Mickey Mouse pen for the Disney lovers in your life. 

mickey waffle maker

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Everyone loves waffles. Everyone loves Mickey Mouse. Everyone loves Mickey Mouse waffles they can make at home. Trust us on this. 

coach mickey luggage tag

Disney Luggage Tags

Get super fancy and spring for this COACH Mickey Luggage Tag. It's super classy with just the right amount of Disney thrown in - and come on, who doesn't want a luggage tag with Mickey Mouse ears? 

mickey backpack

Mickey Mouse '80s Flashback Backpack

Not gonna lie, I'm super into this weird 80s Mickey backpack, and I'm pretty sure anyone else with a bit of 80s nostalgia would be too.

mickey slippers uniqlo

Mickey Slippers

These Mickey slippers from UNIQLO look super cozy and super cute. (They're also super affordable.) Everyone can appreciate a pair of Mickey slippers!

disney movies


If you're still stuck on what gift to give, the ol' standby is definitely a good movie. DVD, Bluray, Streaming - whatever form you want to give your gift in, you can never go wrong with a good Disney film!