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Enjoy Some Live Music at Disneyland


Planning out your trip to Disneyland involves all the craziness of hotel reservations, prioritizing rides and restaurants and the all important break time. Sometimes a break involves leaving the park and heading for a refreshing beverage outlet, but for me, I'll take live music and a shade tree any day. 

There's tons more music and entertainment to be had at the resort, but here's just a few that are always welcome to take a listen. 


The Disneyland Band

This group of amazing musicians perform Disney movie favorites, unique favorites like the finale to Fantasmic! and the theme of the 50th Anniversary daily at the flagpole and in front of the castle. This marching band is a group of talent that goes far beyond any football field group of brass. They have incredible showmanship, brilliant sparkling instruments, are perfectly insync like all Disney performers and never miss a note or a beat. 

Due to their prime performance locations, its a hard act to miss, but sometimes if you plan your day just right, you'll never get a glance of them. So be sure to at least take a strolling look and listen. 

Pearly Band

Dressed in candy colored suits covered in stitched pearly white buttons, the Pearly Band is a unique sight. Usually a group of 7 or so, they roam a tight loop around Fantasyland and are occasionally accompanied by Bert and Mary Poppins in front of the castle. 

Royal Street Bachelors

Easiest to find next to the Mint Julep Bar bathrooms, onboard the Mark Twain or anywhere slightly secluded in New Orleans Square. The music and emotion these bachelors evoke truly sets the mood and completely overwhelms the senses to set you not in a theme park, but in the actual New Orleans. 


Dapper Dans

They wear strips, they're comical and bubbly, and sometimes they play bells! Always around main street, The Dapper Dans are a barbershop quartet that have become so popular in their style and persona, there is now a Dapper Day which happens annually. In addition to their humorous way of performing music, they're also willing participants in the wishing those young and old happy birthday for all of Main Street to hear.