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Eating Vegan in Disneyland

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Hi I live in California so I know and love a whole lotta vegans. And while I, myself, am not vegan, I support everyone’s ability to eat as much as possible when visiting Disneyland.

Eating vegetarian is REALLY easy at Disneyland. Vegetarians, take note: you can eat everywhere. Eating vegan is also relatively easy! However, there are some places that require a ton of modifications or don’t have a lot of options. Y’all don’t need that. I’ve gone through (at the time of writing this) every single menu in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney to find all the vegan (or modified easily to be vegan) food options. And there’s a good amount!

Healthy Snacks of Disneyland

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I’m just gonna come right out with it and let y’all know none of us at Lost Weekenders support calorie counting in Disneyland. You’re walking at least 10 miles a day. Have the fried chicken.

We also understand not everyone abides by the same Disneyland belief system, or maybe doesn’t have the same type of flexibility when it comes to food.

I’m here to help y’all out. Let’s dive into some healthy (but still supes tasty, y’all) snacks and meals at the happiest place on earth.

Quick Tip: If you’re ever curious about diving deeper into Disney dining, you can check out the full list of restaurants and their menus for both parks here.

1. Pickle

Oh, my beloved pickle. There’s nothing quite like one on a super hot day when you’ve been walking and sweating. They’re a good way to replenish some lost electrolytes and curb a growling stomach. If you’ve always passed by the pickle stands, I highly suggest you try one out.

2. Dole Whip

It’s just not a real Disney trip without a Dole Whip. You can find whips by the Tiki Room in Adventureland, and at the coffee shop at the Disneyland Hotel. I like a classic soft serve, but you can get it float style, swirled into a tall cup with pineapple juice. They’re dairy free and about 90 calories.


3. Skewers at Bengal BBQ

If you need a more robust snack on the go, you can’t beat Bengal BBQ. Located across from Indiana Jones in Adventureland, Bengal BBQ serves up super tasty and healthy kebabs. You can get a variety of veggies and meat, all which are marinated and grilled. I love the bacon wrapped asparagus skewer, and the Bengal beef skewer.


4. Fruit with Tajin

Pretty sure fruit is just a vehicle for Tajin. At any of the stands where you’d get a pickle, you can also pick up big slices of watermelon, packets of mango, or big pineapple skewers. Plus there’s packets of Tajin, a chili lime seasoning, which I douse any and all fruit with on a regular basis.

5. Salads at Pizza Port

Listen, I feel like Pizza Port gets a bad wrap. Like, I get it. It could use a makeover. It seems hokey. But, guys, I love pizza port. As the name suggests, they have a bunch of pizza (that’s not that great), but they also have a variety of salads ready to go. I usually go for the Asian chicken salad, but they have options for every type of discerning salad selector (a thing I just made up). I also pick up a pack of breadsticks and marinara because, carbs.

6. Spinach and tomato egg white frittata at Carnation Cafe

If you’re sad because you want the Mickey shaped thing but you don’t want waffles, fun news! They’ve created another way for you to eat Mickey’s head. The egg white frittatas at Carnation Cafe on Main Street are delicious, Mickey shaped, and healthy.


7. Chili lime corn from Edelweiss Snacks

Chili lime, yes please. When you’re done eating it on your watermelon head over to Edelweiss across from the Matterhorn and eat it on your corn.

8. Veggie Gumbo

Around the corner from the Pirates line entrance you can grab a bowl (of the bread variety if you’re into that kind of thing (I am)) of either meaty or meatless gumbo. Both are Lost Weekenders approved, and we’ve been known to cross the circus that is Main Street on a parade AND firework night to snag a bowl.


9. Spring Rolls from Carthay

These are best with a pear martini if you’re Kelsey (me), a Pim’s Punch if you’re Kat, or a gin and tonic if you’re Stephen.


10. Rice bowls at Lucky Fortune Cookery

Packed with protein and good grains, these are so so so so so good, and will keep you full for like...ever. Although no lie I can still horf a churro right after like it’s no one’s business.


These are just a few of our favorites. There’s so many options when it comes to food at Disneyland, just about everywhere you go will have healthy and tasty options.

What’s your favorite healthy Disney snack?

Trader Sam's: The Comprehensive Guide

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trader sams enchanted tiki bar

We’re risking a lot by telling you this. Trader Sam’s is our go-to spot for every Disneyland trip - a place we always have to visit at least once, and in an ideal world, we visit multiple times a trip. By giving out this info, it’s likely we’re making it EVEN HARDER for ourselves to find seats inside, but you know what? That’s how much we like you.


Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is an oasis located at the Disneyland Hotel pool. If you’ve been on the Jungle Cruise ride in Disneyland, you’ve met Trader Sam: he’s at the end, offering you a special deal - two of his heads for just one of yours.

The tiki bar is like a combo of Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones and the Enchanted Tiki Room: the walls are littered with postcards addressed to ‘Sam’ - some from Dr. Jones himself, others from travelers who seem to have bartered with the trader for random objects and photos. The columns supporting the bar seem to come straight from the Enchanted Tiki Room - you might expect them to start singing at any moment.

There’s also a reason it’s called the ‘Enchanted’ Tiki Bar. Watch the lazy eyes of the tiki columns closely, pay attention whenever anyone orders a draught beer, wait to see if anyone happens to find their barstool coming closer and closer to the floor. Expect a special show any time someone orders a Shipwreck on the Rocks, an Uh-Oa, or a Krakatoa Punch (don’t worry, you’ll know when it happens).

Pro tip: Trader Sam's is all-ages until 8:00 PM - after that, it's ages 21+ only.



Trader Sam’s has one major drawback, and that is the fact that it is TINY. Given that there are only a very few tables in the bar, there’s a good chance that you will show up to find either a long awkward hovering wait ahead of you, or no chance of getting a table at all.

Luckily, there is a good amount of seating outside. Unluckily, the seating outside is not nearly as magical as the seating inside.

To maximize the chance of getting a seat inside, show up early (around when it opens). Also advisable: show up on a weekday. The worst times to go are the late afternoon through the rest of the night, and definitely once the park has closed.

While we’re on the subject, don’t be one of those people who brings a huge group to Trader Sam’s - it’s a total bummer to walk into the bar and see every seat in the room taken up by one giant group who plans on staying for a few hours. If you’re in a huge group, maybe consider picking up your drinks inside and then finding a seat outside, which is a much more functional place for group seating.




Lost Safari: this is my go-to drink and it never lets me down. (It's now off the official menu, but they can still make it).
Krakatoa Punch: comes with a glow-cube, and tastes like heaven.
Shrunken Zombie Head: Delicious and gets you boozed up in no time.
Shipwreck on the Rocks: This drink is basically just sweetened bourbon over ice. It’s amazing.
The Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki rum: Often you’ll be asked to say the entire drink title, so don’t try to get away with just asking for a ‘tiki rum’. Creamy and cinnamon-y, this drink is Kelsey’s go-to.
The Uh-Oa: Boozy and a little too easy to drink, this delicious drink comes with four straws and a show but goes really fast!

Trader Sam's recently revamped their menu with quite a few new drinks, including the Angolada, Zambezi Sour, Pago Pago Cocktail, La Florida, and Safari Swizzle. We've sampled them all (naturally), and found that some of them, surprisingly and unfortunately, just aren't that great (though the Pago Pago is an exception and is delicious). You'll notice that some of our recommendations aren't on the menu anymore (Lost Safari, whyyyyyy) but we've been assured that the bartenders still know how to make the Old Menu drinks. 


Fried green beans: ALWAYS GET THESE. Even if you’re not hungry. They are so so good.
Lettuce Wraps: The portions look small, but it takes a while to get through this delicious appetizer.

To be honest, we don’t recommend having an actual meal at Trader Sam’s (unpopular opinion?). The times we’ve ordered burgers or sandwiches, we’ve found ourselves disappointed with the portion size and price - it seems like you can get a much better bang for your buck in other locations in Disneyland. For this reason, we usually stick to appetizers (sometimes mutliple rounds of green beans because seriously, they are so. good.) and drinks.


Other Must-Dos

BUY A SOUVENIR MUG. Trader Sam’s has the coolest mugs in the resort, and if you have room in your luggage, we highly recommend buying at least one. Plus, the price is usually only a few bucks more if you're adding it onto a drink.

Live Music: After dark on select evenings (usually on weekends), Trader Sam's hosts live Hawaiian-style music in the outdoor seating area. It's super relaxing and very easy to imagine you've found yourself on some island paradise, delicious tiki drink in hand. 

Disneyland Hotel & Trader Sam's 

If you're staying at the Disneyland Hotel you're already living the high life, but be sure to take this into account: not only can you get Trader Sam's to-go (so you can take your dranks to the pool), but most of the time, you can get poolside service while you lounge. That's right, Trader Sam's delivered. To you. At the pool. Talk about living the dream.

Ultimately, it would be pretty tough to find yourself disappointed at Trader Sam's. So if you find yourself in the Disneyland Resort looking for both a break from the crowds and a delicious alcoholic (or non-alcoholic I GUESS) beverage, give it a whirl.