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Eating Vegan in Disneyland

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Hi I live in California so I know and love a whole lotta vegans. And while I, myself, am not vegan, I support everyone’s ability to eat as much as possible when visiting Disneyland.


Eating vegetarian is REALLY easy at Disneyland. Vegetarians, take note: you can eat everywhere. Eating vegan is also relatively easy! However, there are some places that require a ton of modifications or don’t have a lot of options. Y’all don’t need that. I’ve gone through (at the time of writing this) every single menu in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney to find all the vegan (or modified easily to be vegan) food options. And there’s a good amount!

There are a couple instances of sit down restaurants having a single item (typically a side or appetizer) that is either vegan or could be modified to be vegan. I left these restaurants off the list entirely because I figured it’d be insulting to suggest going to a sit-down restaurant to order half an item from the menu.

I’ve also not listed any of the character dining/ buffet spots because they don’t share everything they set out, and their food selection probably changes frequently anyway. If I were to offer up my unsolicited opinion, I’d suggest to skip any buffets. They can range from $40-$50 and I don’t think they offer enough of a vegan selection to make it worth the price.  

There are a couple places that don’t have their menus listed (like Cozy Cones), so it’s always worth it to check out every spot regardless of whether I’ve listed it here. It’s good to note that ice cream spots like Clarabelle’s and Gibson Girl might have dairy-free ice cream options (they have in the past), so be sure to check with a cast member.


Lots of the places listed below also have chips and salsa/guac. I’ve left them out because I can’t be totally sure how their chips are made. But if you feel comfortable with tortilla chips then go crazy with that Tortilla Jo’s tableside guac it is LIFE CHANGING.

And just an FYI; I’ve limited anything that needs a modification to be capped at two modifications. I figured anything more would be obnoxious for y’all.

RE: other food allergies and intolerances; Disney tries its best to be accommodating and many restaurants have an allergy friendly menu. You can speak with the cast members at any restaurant or quick service spot and they’ll be able to provide you with the menu and most of the time a chef will come out and speak with you directly so they can prepare your food safely.

If you can think of more snacks or meals or modifications, let me know in the comments!



DCA= Disney California Adventure

DTD= Downtown Disney

Our Personal Favorite Vegan Eats

Dole whip (Tiki Juice Bar)

Fruit and Tajin, Pickles (fruit stands)

Mickey Pretzel (Refreshment Corner and other pretzel carts)

Memory Refreshers (Bing Bong’s)

Outback Vegetable Skewer (Bengal BBQ)

Ratatouille (Lamplight)

Asian Rice Bowl (Lucky Fortune Cookery)

Popcorn (popcorn carts)

Veggie Gumbo (Royal Street Veranda)

Panko Crusted Long Beans (Trader Sam’s)

Avocado Toast (White Water Snacks)

Cotton Candy (ice cream and treat carts)


Adorable Snowman (DCA)

It’s Lemon!

Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait

Alien Pizza Planet (DL)

Nebula Noodle Salad

Astro Antipasto (modify with NO CHEESE)

Award Wieners (DCA)

Portobello Mushroom Philly (modify with NO CHEESE)

Bengal BBQ (DL)

Outback Vegetable Skewer

Bing Bongs (DCA)

Memory Refreshers

Black Tap (DTD)

Crispy Brussels Sprouts (double check how they cook them)

The Vegan Burger

Vegan Burger and Quinoa Bowl

Teriyaki Brocolli

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta (DCA)

Boardwalk Field Greens (modify with NO CHEESE)

Carnation Cafe (DL)

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Berries

Vegan Waffles (regular waffles are NOT vegan, must request waffles to be made vegan)

Chef’s Vegan Burger

Catal (DTD)

Veggie Quinoa Burger (modify with NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE)

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo (DL)

Felucian Garden Spread (lunch)

Ithorian Garden Loaf (dinner)

Earl of Sandwich (DTD)

Veggie Sandwich (modify with NO MEDITERRANEAN DRESSING)

Salads (modify with NO CHEESE, NO MEAT)

Edelweiss Snacks (DL)

Corn on the Cob (Modify with NO BUTTER)

Fairfax Market, Filmore’s Taste-In, and other fruit stands in both parks

Fruit, Pickles, Veggies and Hummus, and more

Galactic Grill (DL)

Veggie Wrap (modify with NO AOILI, NO FETA)

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop (DCA)

Raspberry Sorbet with toppings

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor (DL)

Strawberry Fruit Bar

Hearthstone Lounge (Grand Californian)

Avocado Toast (modify with NO CHEESE)

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Hungry Bear Restaurant (DL)

Classic Plant Based Cheeseburger (modify with NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE)

Jolly Holiday Bakery (DL)

Grilled Vegetables and Whole Grain Salad

Jolly Holiday Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

La Brea Bakery (DTD)


Asian Chicken Salad (modify with NO CHICKEN)

Montecito Salad (Modify with NO MEAT OPTION, NO CHEESE)

Hummus Toast Trio

Artisan Veggie Burger (modify with NO AIOLI)

Lamplight Lounge (DCA)

Potato Flautas (brunch)

Spinach Salad (modify with NO EGG, NO CHEESE TOAST)(lunch/dinner)

Ratatouille (modify with NO CHEESE, NO AIOLI) (lunch/dinner)

Lucky Fortune Cookery (DCA)

Asian Rice Bowl with Tofu


Fresh Mango Slices

Maurice’s Treats

Boysen Apple Freeze

Galaxy’s Edge Milk Stand (DL)

Green and Blue Milk

Naples Ristorante e Bar (DTD)

Carpaccio di Zucchini (modify with NO CHEESE)

Antipasto Chopped Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

Tropicale Salad

Della Casa Salad

Minestrone Soup

Pagnottella alle Verdure

Pacific Wharf Cafe (DCA)

Chinese Chicken Salad (modify with NO CHICKEN)

Paradise Garden Grill (DCA)

Grilled Vegetable and Tofu Skewer

Greek Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

Poultry Palace (DCA)

Corn on the Cob (modify with NO BUTTER)

Popcorn Stands (DCA)

All the “buttered” popcorn is indeed vegan. Disney uses an artificial dairy-free butter flavoring for their popcorn.

Pretzel Carts (Both Parks)

Good news! The big mickey pretzels are vegan.

Red Rose Tavern (DL)

Garden Vegetable Hash (modify with NO MARSCAPONE, NO EGGS)(Breakfast)

Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich (lunch/dinner)

River Belle Terrace (DL)

Strawberry Pistachio Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

BBQ Tofu

Royal Street Veranda (DL)

Vegetable Gumbo

Salt and Straw Ice Cream (DTD)

Dandelion Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and Cream

The Sand Bar (Paradise Pier Hotel)

Chile Lime Yuca Fries (modify with NO CHIPOTLE RANCH)

PBJ Sliders

Argulula Salad (modify with NO CHEESE, NO EGG)

Smokejumpers Grill (DCA)

Veggie Burger

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich (modify NO SLAW)

Splitsville Luxury Lanes (DTD)


Veggie Roll

Impossible Burger (modify with NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE)

Spicy Veggie Bowl (can add tofu)

Taco Bowl (can make vegan by substituting in Impossible taco meat and omitting CHEESE and SOUR CREAM)

Steakhouse 55

Sweet Steel-Cut Oat Porridge (breakfast)

Studio Catering Co. (food truck in Hollywood Backlot)

Plant Based Tacos

Surfside Lounge (Paradise Pier Hotel)

Fruit Plate (breakfast)

Oatmeal (breakfast)

Arugula and Fennel Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

Kale and Quinoa Salad

Build Your Own Poke Bowl

The Totally Awesome Vegetarian Burger (modify with NO CHEESE)

Tangaroa Terrace (Disneyland Hotel)

Acai Chia Bowl (breakfast)

Chili Garlic Edamame

Lentil Garden Bowl

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s (DTD)

Build your own options for bowls, tacos, burritos, and nachos.

Tiki Juice Bar (DL)

Dole whips are vegan! Hooray!

Tortilla Jo’s (DTD)

Garden Salad (modify with NO QUESO FRESCO)

Vegetarian Burrito (modify with NO SALSA RANCHERA which can contain worcestershire)

Portobello Mushroom Fajitas

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (Disneyland Hotel)

Panko Crusted Long Beans (modify with NO AIOLI)

Lentil Garden Bowl

Chili Garlic Edamame

Tangaroa Salad (modify with NO SHRIMP)

Tropical Hideaway (DL)

Whips, swirled whips, and loaded whips


Trio of Mediterranean Dips

Mediterranean Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

Veggie Quinoa Burger (modify with NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE)

White Water Snacks (Grand Californian Hotel)

Avocado Toast (modify with NO EGG) (breakfast)

Roasted Curried Cauliflower Salad

Arugula Salad (modify with NO CHEESE)

Build Your Own Poke Bowl

Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers

There you go! I’ve combed through every available menu. Once again, with seasons changing, menus change. It’s always worth checking out the menu somewhere even if I didn’t list it here. Plus you might be willing to make more modifications, in which case, there are even more options. Have fun and eat all the food!