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Healthy Snacks of Disneyland

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I’m just gonna come right out with it and let y’all know none of us at Lost Weekenders support calorie counting in Disneyland. You’re walking at least 10 miles a day. Have the fried chicken.

We also understand not everyone abides by the same Disneyland belief system, or maybe doesn’t have the same type of flexibility when it comes to food.

I’m here to help y’all out. Let’s dive into some healthy (but still supes tasty, y’all) snacks and meals at the happiest place on earth.

Quick Tip: If you’re ever curious about diving deeper into Disney dining, you can check out the full list of restaurants and their menus for both parks here.

1. Pickle

Oh, my beloved pickle. There’s nothing quite like one on a super hot day when you’ve been walking and sweating. They’re a good way to replenish some lost electrolytes and curb a growling stomach. If you’ve always passed by the pickle stands, I highly suggest you try one out.

2. Dole Whip

It’s just not a real Disney trip without a Dole Whip. You can find whips by the Tiki Room in Adventureland, and at the coffee shop at the Disneyland Hotel. I like a classic soft serve, but you can get it float style, swirled into a tall cup with pineapple juice. They’re dairy free and about 90 calories.


3. Skewers at Bengal BBQ

If you need a more robust snack on the go, you can’t beat Bengal BBQ. Located across from Indiana Jones in Adventureland, Bengal BBQ serves up super tasty and healthy kebabs. You can get a variety of veggies and meat, all which are marinated and grilled. I love the bacon wrapped asparagus skewer, and the Bengal beef skewer.


4. Fruit with Tajin

Pretty sure fruit is just a vehicle for Tajin. At any of the stands where you’d get a pickle, you can also pick up big slices of watermelon, packets of mango, or big pineapple skewers. Plus there’s packets of Tajin, a chili lime seasoning, which I douse any and all fruit with on a regular basis.

5. Salads at Pizza Port

Listen, I feel like Pizza Port gets a bad wrap. Like, I get it. It could use a makeover. It seems hokey. But, guys, I love pizza port. As the name suggests, they have a bunch of pizza (that’s not that great), but they also have a variety of salads ready to go. I usually go for the Asian chicken salad, but they have options for every type of discerning salad selector (a thing I just made up). I also pick up a pack of breadsticks and marinara because, carbs.

6. Spinach and tomato egg white frittata at Carnation Cafe

If you’re sad because you want the Mickey shaped thing but you don’t want waffles, fun news! They’ve created another way for you to eat Mickey’s head. The egg white frittatas at Carnation Cafe on Main Street are delicious, Mickey shaped, and healthy.


7. Chili lime corn from Edelweiss Snacks

Chili lime, yes please. When you’re done eating it on your watermelon head over to Edelweiss across from the Matterhorn and eat it on your corn.

8. Veggie Gumbo

Around the corner from the Pirates line entrance you can grab a bowl (of the bread variety if you’re into that kind of thing (I am)) of either meaty or meatless gumbo. Both are Lost Weekenders approved, and we’ve been known to cross the circus that is Main Street on a parade AND firework night to snag a bowl.


9. Spring Rolls from Carthay

These are best with a pear martini if you’re Kelsey (me), a Pim’s Punch if you’re Kat, or a gin and tonic if you’re Stephen.


10. Rice bowls at Lucky Fortune Cookery

Packed with protein and good grains, these are so so so so so good, and will keep you full for like...ever. Although no lie I can still horf a churro right after like it’s no one’s business.


These are just a few of our favorites. There’s so many options when it comes to food at Disneyland, just about everywhere you go will have healthy and tasty options.

What’s your favorite healthy Disney snack?