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5 Things to Ask For in Disneyland

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Disneyland has an extensive amount of souvenirs, experiences, rides and attractions - so many that you’ll probably never run out of things to do and ways to make your trip special. But if you want to make your trip Extra Super Special, you can consider asking for a few of these:


1. The Front Seat in the Monorail

We’ve done this, and it’s totally worth it. You need to ask a cast member while you’re in line for the Monorail if you can ride in the front - sometimes this means you’ll have to wait for a few cycles, if a lot of people have asked already. (This is why we’ve only ever asked when there is almost no line for the Monorail).

You’ll get the car basically to yourself, with a panoramic view of the ride! If you want an extra special view, take the Monorail into the park - the ride is longer and you see much more of the park!

disneyland railroad

2. Riding in the Lilly Belle

To tell the truth, we’ve never asked for this, even though we’ve thought about it about a billion times. Something about the process seems so intimidating!

The Lilly Belle is the fancy dining car at the back of one Disneyland Railroad train, only accessible if you ask for it first thing in the morning (so they say). If you’re lucky enough to get a seat, you’re in for an amazing Grand Circle Tour!

mark twain riverboat captain

3. Steering the Mark Twain

Again, we’ve never asked to do this (we’re shy, okay). But They say that if you ask, the Captain of the Mark Twain might let you steer! Apparently you even get a certificate! 

jungle cruise exit

4. A Jungle Cruise Map

Now this one we’ve actually done! You’ve got to luck out as sometimes they run out of maps, but if you ask for a map of the Jungle Cruise from a Cast Member as you’re exiting the ride, usually they’ll hand one out!

ghost relations department

5. A Death Certificate

This is a rumor that we’ve never tried. They say that if you ask for a Death Certificate from a cast member before you get on Haunted Mansion, they might have one for you by the time you exit the ride.

Obviously we aren’t an authority on all of these - but we'd love to hear from people who have been successful!