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2018 Disney Gift Guide: Small Shops

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It’s time for this year’s gift guide!

This year I’m focusing solely on featuring small shops. Since we happen to run one, we know how important it is to support the lil creative makers. Plus! The money spent in small shops goes directly towards making even more cool things. Also there’s something really special about wearing small-shops merch in the parks. You feel like you’re part of some exclusive club, which you are! But everyone’s invited. ANYWAY go check out these REALLY COOL THINGS!

Lost Weekenders

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.34.12 PM.png

Sorry not sorry. I’m just so in love with everything we’ve made, y’all. Everything is true to size, with a little give, made from super soft material, and there’s a choice of colors for every shirt and sweatshirt! We just released FIVE new designs which are christmassy but can be worn year round.

Foolish Mortals

Foolish Mortals.jpg

I’m gonna not get all sappy but Foolish Mortals is what inspired us to create our own line. I’ve ordered a whole lot from them, and I’m never disappointed. Their designs are the COOLEST. The shirts are unbelievable soft, they fit amazing, are super comfy, and I get unending complements when I wear them in the parks. Also they have A Goofy Movie shirt so you KNOW they’re legit. Check them out!

Adventureland Ears Co.


These ears are the coolest! Lizzy 3D prints her ears WHICH IS SO DOPE. The ears are perfect quality and really easy to wear all day. Plus there are tons of ways for you to customize your ears because she makes each pair (including bow) herself. Go support her and get some rad ears!

Big Thunder Designs

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.38.28 PM.png

I JUST found this shop and I’m so bummed it took me so long. All of their designs are so friggin clever, but I especially love their neon series. There are tons of designs and you can pick your shirt color, too (which I love). Go look!

Lillian and Co.


Ugh their braceletes are the sweetest. They don’t just do Disney, either, so there’s definitely something for everyone on your gifting list no matter their interests. My favorites are the Up and the Toy Story designs, but everything they do is really lovely and simple. Plus, they do lots of afflilate codes, so keep an eye on your favorite Disney instagrammers for a code. Also while you’re at it you might as well follow us.

Magical Thunder Press


They just wrapped up their latest kickstarter campaign (which I backed and am very pumped about) but you gotta check out their awesome pins! I love all the enamel pins in Disneyland, so you can imagine how stoked I was to find a small shop that made their own enamel pins. I’ve been eyeing that Hercules pin for a while…

Lost Bros


I just ordered the snack keychain set and I’m dying they’re so cute. They’ve got so much stuff you could probably outfit your entire next Disney trip (and life) solely from their shop.

Kreative Kingdoms


They make super cute sweatshirts and beanies (called something else in Canada???) and they’re Canadian so you KNOW they’re actually warm and comfy.

What are some other small shops you love? I’d like to keep adding to this list and eventually create a long lasting resource for Disney small shops.