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Hidden Gems of Cars Land

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carsland light dca disneyland

1. The Third Blink

If you’ve seen Cars, you’re familiar with Fillmore dazedly trying to explain that the third blink of the stoplight in town is just slightly longer than the other two. Maybe it’s just his imagination, but next time you find yourself outside of Flo’s V8 Cafe, take a look for yourself - the third blink might be longer afterall.

2. New Pavement

Though it’s faded a bit in the California sun, if you pay attention to where you’re walking in Cars Land, you can tell that the pavement on the main road is much flatter and looks newer than the roads leading up to it - thanks to Lightning McQueen’s paving job.

flos dca cars land

3. Lighting At Night

Do yourself a favor and get to Cars Land right as the sun is going down (check your daily schedule for the exact time of the neon lighting). Radiator Springs undergoes a transformation just like in the movie, and being there for it is a magical experience - and one that is very easy to miss.

luigis tires dca carsland disneyland

4. Luigi's Souvenirs

The next time you’re in line for Luigi’s Festival of the Dance, be sure to check out the giant shadowbox frames filled with Luigi’s souvenirs!


5. Toy Story Toys Hidden in Cozy Cone Lobby

Easy to miss unless you’re looking for them, be sure to keep your eyes out for a nod to Toy Story 2 in the lobby of the Cozy Cone.


6. Cars Land Model

In the back of Sarge’s Surplus Hut, be sure to check out the full model of Cars Land, complete with the cars you know and love.

Hidden Gems of Main Street, USA

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Main Street, USA isn’t just a bunch of shops – it’s home to all kinds of hidden gems that are way too easy to miss, especially if you're hustling to get to Space Mountain or Indiana Jones. The next time you find yourself walking down Main Street, keep an eye out for these little surprises:

1.     Walt’s Bench

In the entrance to Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, you’ll see a small green bench – the same bench that Walt Disney sat on in Griffith Park while watching his daughters play and came up with the idea for Disneyland.

main street residents disneyland

2.     Main Street Residents

Hang out in the small alleys of Main Street, especially between Disney Clothiers and Market House (Starbucks), and listen to the residents of Main Street, USA.

penny films main street disneyland resort

3.     Penny Films

These are hidden in plain sight, but in the Penny Arcade, you can actually watch the variety of films in the entrance for 1 cent.

4.     Tilly

The ticket agent of Main Street Cinema, Tilly, happens to be from Marceline, MO (as stated on her ID badge) – Walt Disney’s hometown.

5.     Walt’s Light

The light in Walt Disney’s apartment (over the fire station in Town Square) is always kept on, as a symbol of Walt’s presence in the park.

main street disneyland

6.     Music Machine

That giant organ-looking machine in the Penny Arcade shop is actually a Welte Orchestrion, and it is older than the park itself. 

houdini main street disneyland

7. Houdini on the Phone

In the Magic Shop on Main Street, you can pick up the vintage phone next to the poster of Houdini and listen in on a recording of Harry Houdini himself.

8. Victorian Era Party Line

Speaking of listening in on phone conversations, the next time you're waiting for your latte in Market House, pick up a vintage phone receiver and observe a Victorian-era party line.

railroad disneyland main street shop

9. Disneyland Railroad Miniature

The next time you find yourself in Emporium, be sure to look up. There are tons of easily-missed decorations throughout Disneyland's shops, but this one is one of the best - a miniature Disneyland Railroad. Be sure to watch the whole loop to see all of the interactions.

lightbulb disneyland main street

10. The Painted Lightbulb

The story goes that Walt Disney noticed two lightbulbs painted the same color next to each other over the doorway to Coke Corner and couldn't accept the break in the alternating pattern - the best compromise was to paint one lightbulb half white and half red. While you're checking out the lightbulb, be sure to take a gander at the vintage coke bottle museum surrounding the door. 

The Best Places for a Coffee in Disneyland

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Y’all, I am a huge coffee drinker. We’re talking 4+ cups a day coffee drinker. So when I’m in the Disneyland Resort running around through super long days on way-too-little sleep, I’m frequently thinking about when and where I can get my next iced americano, or at least a boring non-espresso cup of coffee to keep me going until I get some more carbs and sugar. Thankfully, there are tons of places throughout the Resort to caffeine up - maybe even some you wouldn’t expect.


1. Starbucks

Obviously, Starbucks is the easiest and most recognizable spot for some quick caffeine. There’s the big Starbucks in Downtown Disney (which we love mobile ordering from), and two cleverly-themed Starbucks in the parks: the Market House on Main Street, and the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe on Buena Vista in DCA. The good side of Starbucks is you know what you’re getting, the lines are pretty predictable, and you can get a snazzy Starbucks drink if that’s what your heart desires. The bad side is that the lines are predictably long, it seems kindof weird to get a snazzy Starbucks drink that you could get anywhere else on Earth when you’re in Disneyland, and, let’s be real, Starbucks coffee isn’t all that great.

2. Espresso Stands

There are a few carts throughout the parks (one on Main Street in Disneyland by the Partners statue of Walt and Mickey, and one by the entrance to Pacific Wharf in DCA, to name a few) where you can get coffee, tea or iced espresso drinks. The one on Main Street is usually where you can find those social-media-famous doughnuts (like the dole whip donut everyone’s always talking about), so the line can sometimes be long, but the one in DCA almost never has a line, and the service is fast and easy. Downside is, you don’t get your AP discount at the cart.

coffee ghirardelli dca

3. Ghirardelli Soda Fountain

Yes, Ghirardelli’s in DCA serves a ton of ice cream delicacies, but it also serves a ton of espresso beverages, including a frozen caffe latte and individual espresso shots. Pour some shots over some ice cream scoops and hey, you’ve got yourself basically an affogato - can’t go wrong there.

4. Restaurants

Most restaurants in the parks serve coffee, though a vast majority don’t offer iced coffee (and I have no idea why anyone would want hot coffee on a hot SoCal day but WHAT DO I KNOW) so you can either have a hot coffee, or buy a cup of hot coffee and pour it over a free cup of ice, which is what we usually do.

carthay circle dca disneyland

5. Carthay Circle Lounge

Carthay has a huge selection of non-alcoholic black teas for a little kick to your afternoon, but they also serve up a few boozy coffee cocktails and what more can you really ask for?

schmoozies dca disneyland

6. Schmoozies

Schmoozies has a whole section of their menu titled ‘Epic Coffees’ including additional flavor shots you can add in, so yeah, there’s a selection of caffeination here.

7. Hungry Bear

The only place in the park you can get the Honey Bear Cold Brew Coffee, with honey, vanilla syrup and cream. Plus it’s a great place to sit and chill out with a view of the Mark Twain as it drifts by on the Rivers of America.

8. Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

A full espresso drink menu, plus a huge assortment of fun sweet treats, including the amazing Matterhorn Macaroon and various seasonal snacks. You can also get breakfast sandwiches here, making it one of the few places in the park that offers fast breakfast options!

We Opened a Shop!


This is an unbelievably exciting time for us! As you can tell from the title...we opened our very own Disney inspired shop (AHHHHHH!!!).

Opening our own shop is something we’ve wanted to do since before we even started the blog. We all work in different creative industries, but none of us have been in the position where what we made is our idea to begin with. Our careers are usually carrying out someone else’s vision (which is fine! But ya know...sometimes you want to create something from your own brain).

Wanting to embark on our own creative endeavour mixed with our love for Disneyland has made this whole process the perfect (most fun ever) project. And while we have SO MANY ideas and designs for down the line, we’ve decided to open with two designs to make sure we get everything perfect.

We went through a pretty intense sample process! We wanted to make sure the fabric was nice and soft and had a good stretch, as well as make sure the fit was true to size and the color of the ink was exactly what we wanted and it washed and dried well. We went through a lot of QA to get these right! And we really think you’ll love them.

The first design is in honor of our beloved fallen Bug’s Land in Disney California Adventure. Kat designed this amazing, truly fitting, ode to Heimlich’s Chew Chew. The most intense thrill ride in the park. Memorialized by knuckle tats. Naturally. Heimlich is so hardcore.


The second design is because Madame Leota is bae and who doesn’t love a good moon phase? Plus we got a lil ghost host action on the front. Fun fact! I have a Madame Leota tattoo, also designed by Kat, with the same words that are on the sweatshirt: “send us a message from somewhere beyond.” We love Leota and we have no shame.


What I love most about both of these is that neither are super obvious, but when people walking by get it, they GET IT. And love it.

We’re honestly all feeling so excited and mushy at the same time because this has been a huge goal for us! When we started our lil instagram and blog, we had a long list of goals and this was right at the top. It’s a dream come true! And we really hope y’all love them and keep an eye out for what we have down the line. Cuz they might be Christmas themed.

Shop all styles at shop.lostweekenders.com and let us know what you think!