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Hidden Gems of Cars Land

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1. The Third Blink

If you’ve seen Cars, you’re familiar with Fillmore dazedly trying to explain that the third blink of the stoplight in town is just slightly longer than the other two. Maybe it’s just his imagination, but next time you find yourself outside of Flo’s V8 Cafe, take a look for yourself - the third blink might be longer afterall.

2. New Pavement

Though it’s faded a bit in the California sun, if you pay attention to where you’re walking in Cars Land, you can tell that the pavement on the main road is much flatter and looks newer than the roads leading up to it - thanks to Lightning McQueen’s paving job.

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3. Lighting At Night

Do yourself a favor and get to Cars Land right as the sun is going down (check your daily schedule for the exact time of the neon lighting). Radiator Springs undergoes a transformation just like in the movie, and being there for it is a magical experience - and one that is very easy to miss.

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4. Luigi's Souvenirs

The next time you’re in line for Luigi’s Festival of the Dance, be sure to check out the giant shadowbox frames filled with Luigi’s souvenirs!


5. Toy Story Toys Hidden in Cozy Cone Lobby

Easy to miss unless you’re looking for them, be sure to keep your eyes out for a nod to Toy Story 2 in the lobby of the Cozy Cone.


6. Cars Land Model

In the back of Sarge’s Surplus Hut, be sure to check out the full model of Cars Land, complete with the cars you know and love.