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Hidden Gems of Main Street, USA

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Main Street, USA isn’t just a bunch of shops – it’s home to all kinds of hidden gems that are way too easy to miss, especially if you're hustling to get to Space Mountain or Indiana Jones. The next time you find yourself walking down Main Street, keep an eye out for these little surprises:

1.     Walt’s Bench

In the entrance to Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, you’ll see a small green bench – the same bench that Walt Disney sat on in Griffith Park while watching his daughters play and came up with the idea for Disneyland.

main street residents disneyland

2.     Main Street Residents

Hang out in the small alleys of Main Street, especially between Disney Clothiers and Market House (Starbucks), and listen to the residents of Main Street, USA.

penny films main street disneyland resort

3.     Penny Films

These are hidden in plain sight, but in the Penny Arcade, you can actually watch the variety of films in the entrance for 1 cent.

4.     Tilly

The ticket agent of Main Street Cinema, Tilly, happens to be from Marceline, MO (as stated on her ID badge) – Walt Disney’s hometown.

5.     Walt’s Light

The light in Walt Disney’s apartment (over the fire station in Town Square) is always kept on, as a symbol of Walt’s presence in the park.

main street disneyland

6.     Music Machine

That giant organ-looking machine in the Penny Arcade shop is actually a Welte Orchestrion, and it is older than the park itself. 

houdini main street disneyland

7. Houdini on the Phone

In the Magic Shop on Main Street, you can pick up the vintage phone next to the poster of Houdini and listen in on a recording of Harry Houdini himself.

8. Victorian Era Party Line

Speaking of listening in on phone conversations, the next time you're waiting for your latte in Market House, pick up a vintage phone receiver and observe a Victorian-era party line.

railroad disneyland main street shop

9. Disneyland Railroad Miniature

The next time you find yourself in Emporium, be sure to look up. There are tons of easily-missed decorations throughout Disneyland's shops, but this one is one of the best - a miniature Disneyland Railroad. Be sure to watch the whole loop to see all of the interactions.

lightbulb disneyland main street

10. The Painted Lightbulb

The story goes that Walt Disney noticed two lightbulbs painted the same color next to each other over the doorway to Coke Corner and couldn't accept the break in the alternating pattern - the best compromise was to paint one lightbulb half white and half red. While you're checking out the lightbulb, be sure to take a gander at the vintage coke bottle museum surrounding the door.